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An Inspiration in Everything I see

This picture means so much to me for a few reasons. When you look at it, there are several different meanings that I’ve found. 1. No matter what color, size, sex, shape you are, you all can see the same things. The glasses represent a pair of eyes and the city represents what you view […] More

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Someday You’ll be just a Memory

“…and again as I was getting slow down while waiting and waiting and waiting for the results to be declared, I bucked up myself with a spirit to go beyond the expectations. “You will get what you deserve!” So why waste time waiting in sadness?” Instead, make the moments count. Live the life, not as […] More

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Matured Away

We grow up day by day and Mature everyday We attain the highest level of maturity when we die It would sound Nice If the Passed Away are called Matured Away -Joel M. Kumar Bookmark More

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