Terri Knuth

Just a small town girl living in a children's world, and wanting to write about what I see that could help the world be a the place it is intended to be.  That is, an inner-connected relationship with all things, and a need to understand ourselves through this thing we call Life.

A Guidebook To How You Can Discipline Your Demanding Child

As a parent, are you struggling to discipline your demanding child, but you are not sure where to start from and how to do it? 

The Importance Of Creating A Safe Space For Honesty In Your Child’s Life

By being aware of the present moment and giving our children our full and undivided attention, we create a safe space for honesty, for them.

Teaching Your Children Mental And Emotional Balance

The child will then learn from that honesty that nobody is perfect. That in itself can take an immense load off of one’s back.

More than Words

Have you ever said something to your child that you wish you could have taken back?

The Importance of Cultivating Attention in your Child

Find out the importance of cultivating attention in your child.