Shobhna Kanwar


You Were The Light

You were the light, In my life. But you shined so bright, That it turns out to be, the darkness instead.

Finding Self

Finding Self Isolating for a while, In a cocoon of mine, For self resuscitation. And one day like a butterfly, I will fly in freedom

Dear Mom

Dear Mom I would like to take a walk, Through your past With you hand in hand. I want to go to the start and, Want to see all you passed through.

In The End

In the end, The only way out, Is to choose our own path. As everyone has a different journey To end.

A Tour

A dream, once I had, A tour of my life, I lived, and visited all the places way back.I saw a lonely girl laughing, I watched her, while she was pertinacious


Shine, in a way, that lights up the life, of others, and not blind them. and not blind them.

How Can I Walk Away

How can I walk away, When talking about home. I always think about your arms, Intertwined around me. I’ve been drunk from the time, I’ve fallen for you.

All Have A Lot To Say

All have a lot to say, But they will listen only, What they want to. So be stringent!

I Hear The Rain

I hear the rain Calling my name and every drop falling pours my heart with your love I hear the rain whispering the moments Of pain, that was once so sweet


Remembrance Didn't see you coming up And crossed my paths with yours. Life has changed from that very day When I started getting woozy,

Believe And Achieve

Believe And Achieve Nobody feels lost after a breakup, All you gain is, Finding more meaning to life. If you see closer,

Enough Of Overthinking

I had enough of overthinking, And now it’s time to stop And switch off The over-burned door, That is burning my soul.