Rode Albino

A girl with big dreams and full of wonders.

Unboxing Myself

There is a fine line between tough and cold, between forgiving and weak.

When did we Stop Helping One Another?

We say we are too busy. We say we are too broke.

We assume somebody else will help. We may even blame the needy party themselves for being in their position.

The Art of Unrequited Love

Have you ever loved someone before who doesn’t love you back? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep and waking up lonely the next day?

An Open Letter for my Future Husband

Get ready because we will live an exciting and fulfilling life together. Are you ready to settle down with this goofy, crazy, adventurous, uncanny, sensitive and lunatic me?

I Forgive You

To the young Me,

I forgive you.

I forgive you for being too lazy and too confident when you were in fourth grade

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