Rode Albino

A girl with big dreams and full of wonders.

Wake me Up!

Wake me Up!

I want to grow up, I want to see what other people from different countries see, I want to know why they say that life is beautiful, I want to go to school,


Have you ever felt so conflicted about life, 
waking up is both a blessing and a curse? Mask

No,it’s not 50-50

No,it's not 50-50

He is a scientist, and I am a poet. He gives logic to everything and I feel every moment and drown in thoughts about love and life. He loves number and I play with words. But yes, we both have one thing in common— we love stars. While he gazes …

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I Hate how I Hate You

I Hate how I Hate You

Most of the time, I hate you. The way you laugh, smile, even the way you walk, and talk. I hate how your eyes meet mine. How I had to endure that electric shock I feel every time our eyes intersect within that one uncertain point that until now I …

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I am a Woman

I am a Woman

I am a woman, with flaws and insecurities.  I may not be as pretty as the models I see on television. I am not as confident as I wish to be. Yes, I am flawed. I am imperfect. I have every inch of good and bad in me. I’ve been …

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To the Man of my Life

To the Man of my life,
I am in a pretty bad shape now, when I am writing this to you.

Never Settle

Never settle for someone who treats you like a back up plan.

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