Rode Albino

A girl with big dreams and full of wonders.

No,it’s not 50-50

He is a scientist, and I am a poet. He gives logic to everything and I feel every moment and drown in thoughts about love and life. He loves...

I Hate how I Hate You

Most of the time, I hate you. The way you laugh, smile, even the way you walk, and talk. I hate how your eyes meet mine. How I had...

To the Man I’ll end up with

I hope you're doing fine. And if you are not, keep in mind that I am always available for you. Maybe we don't know each other yet or maybe...

I am a Woman

I am a woman, with flaws and insecurities.  I may not be as pretty as the models I see on television. I am not as confident as I wish...

To the Man of my Life

To the Man of my life, I am in a pretty bad shape now, when I am writing this to you.

Never Settle

Never settle for someone who treats you like a back up plan.

When I’m Gone

The Heaviness Inside Your Heart May Seems Too Much To Bear.

Unboxing Myself

There is a fine line between tough and cold, between forgiving and weak.

When did we Stop Helping One Another?

We say we are too busy. We say we are too broke.We assume somebody else will help. We may even blame the needy party themselves for being in their position.

The Art of Unrequited Love

Have you ever loved someone before who doesn't love you back? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep and waking up lonely the next day?