Ritika Verma

Just a girl in the learning phase, when I'm not busy designing clothes, I write about life and everything that revolves around it. Mental health survivor, mental health advocate, body positive and confidence advocate.


She's the one you see everyday  crossed your paths at the bay  and even you saw her last in may  The girl sitting in the park  she seems to be scared of the dark 

Ill Fated Stream

It was destined to flow  despite of the highs and lows knew she'd be hitting some tough rocks Now i feel i have writer's block


  Lie there ,thousands miles deep  ocean , no one can hear you weep like you wanna go back to the sleep 


My superhero.    endless dark nights countless lost battles  everyday lost fights  accepted my fatales    One fine morning of March  decided my soul won't parch  collected courage somehow  knew my soul wont bow down now    Little did i know  i'll...

Seen it all

seen it all !    You stood still there all while  when people thought you're immobile  Tall, proud yet gentle to others  when they need ya ,you give covers   still remember the fragrance of the  little...

Surrounded but lonely

Surrounded but lonely , Yes i've been there too ,  where our lonely souls meet  where amidst all the chaos  hides your lonely soul


To an empty mind something is nothing nothing is deeper than a sinful sin  where you think you've been ? where you think you're rushing ?