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Creatives unlock unique brain networks

The creative brain engages unconventional brain networks where manifestation of divergent thinking emerges.  A new study found when measuring connectivity within the brains of subjects, researchers could approximate how creative the subject’s ideas would be based on connectivity.  The researchers found three subnetworks in the brain that are engaged during creative problem solving: the default mode network, […] More

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I am here now

My power in personal branding frees me to speak my voice, embrace my vision, and live my true mission.   I am happy living privately in my headspace, and I identify as an introvert at heart, eighty percent of the time.   I hold my ideas, stories, and truths quietly in my mind until I […] More

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Recharge in the new year with five simple tips

New year aspirations can lead you feeling overwhelmed.  Here are a few tips to keep you refreshed, balanced, and healthy year round.  Happy 2018! 1.  Allow for a mindful pause. Our thoughts, emotions, and running stories are interconnected.  Setting the intention for a mindful pause centers the mind to be in the present moment and calms […] More

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