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Mayla Green is the co-founder and relationship coach for TheAdultToyShop.com She has over a decade of experience working with couples and has developed a marriage preparation course to help the new couple get off on the right foot!. She is also a sex coach for seniors offering tips and advice for love in the golden years. Mayla believes that just because you've been married for 30+ years doesn't mean that your sex life has to be stale. She has unique tips & advice for seniors to enjoy passion and intimacy in the bedroom. Mayla has a sex education series found online with regularly updated content including advice, tips and guides for couples looking to improve the sex life.
I wear many hats on a daily basis. I am primarily a relationship coach and a sex coach for seniors.
I also handle operations of the adult shop and am responsible for employee training, public outreach, inventory management and customer service. One of the most interesting aspects of my job is to attend industry trade fairs to learn about new trends coming into the marketplace. It's a fascinating industry to be a part of!
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