Melanie Christian

Certified Well-Being Life Coach, Digital Coach, Intuitive Advisor, parent, writer and blogger on “The Process of Life” and founder of Forward Muse Solutions. Melanie enjoys tending to her garden, having stimulating exchanges with friends and strangers, dancing whenever and wherever she can. And, learning, growing and loving with her amazing teenage son. Learn more about Melanie Christian at:

An Attitude for Gratitude

The holiday season is upon, and for many of us this is a time of wish lists, merriment, generosity and acts of charity. However, giving freely, kindnesses and gratitude is not seasonal or a trend. Nor should it be an temporary attempt at being "good" at "the right time of year". Gratitude is a mindset; a mindset which should be cultivated and nurtured. It is about being genuinely and constantly thankful for each success you achieve; each blessing which is bestowed upon you, and each miracle you perceive.

The Real Reason Why Women Lose Interest In Men

 We see a lot of women breaking up with their partners, despite them being 'happy'. Then, why do women lose interest in men?

Personal Growth: The Accountability Quotient

For better or worse, being accountable translates into making a conscious choice and opting to own our thoughts, emotions, words and actions and how they may impact both others and ourselves.

A Secret To Unlocking Growth Mindsets

We’ve all experienced positivity’s lesser liked sibling negativity, both through internal and external forces. It is innately human to enter the cycle of a negative mindset (guilt, shame, defeatism, fear), from time to time. I know I do. And, in very small doses these bouts of negativity may serve a purpose with positive end results: realized self improvement goals and actions, higher gratitude and clarification. Like yin and yang, black and white, up and down, positive mindsets would not exist without their relative opposing negative counterparts... Read more Mind Talk by Coach Melanie FMS Get your thoughts published on The Minds Journal too, login/register on to submit.