Lourens Lukas Moorcroft


Happiness Is In Me

Happiness Is In Me I used to believe that I needed to find someone to make me happy. I finally found that guy, that guy was me.

Be That Energy

That which you want to attract, be that energy. The energy that you radiate out, is the energy that you will get back.

The Seed

You already have the seed within. To be mindful, the activation Of your conscious mind begins.

Conscious Changes

Conscious Changes One thing is for sure, change in Life is constant. Change gives you an opportunity to grow. Being conscious and recognizing what change

Dark To Light

Dark To Light I stepped into my light, by conquering the dark. 

Magical Mind

Magical Mind Deep in the mind, there lies a secret place, Where all is known, your infinite database. It stores all your desires and dreams,

Light Bulb Moment

Light Bulb Moment" When you awaken, you slowly begin to realize just how long you have been asleep for, and not living!"

Life- The Rise And Fall

Life- The Rise And I know now, about living my life...It doesn't matter how many times I have fallen, life is about falling,

A Sticky Note To Self

A Sticky Note To Self So before you go and jump into quickly judging someone or anyone that you don't know at all, just jot this down.

Today Taught Me

Today Taught Me After receiving some pretty in your face comments, judgments, about who I am, there will always be bad or positive comments.

The Flight Of A Lightworker

The Flight Of A Lightworker I came here for love of a world, to spread more light. Now more than ever, workers unite.


Depression does not discriminate, But when it's dark claw takes a grip, Oh boy how well it just fits! Some are chambers dark and small,