Linda Ghio

Linda Ghio is a digital nomad hopping around the world. While working as a writer and a translator, she's currently completing her PhD. in Creative Writing at the London Metropolitan University.

Women Don’t Fall in Love With Violent Men

“It's because women like violent men instead of nice guys."

Living with Abuse: Why Didn’t I Ask for Help?

When he found out I’d been abused in silence right under his unsuspecting nose, a dear friend asked me, in shock: “But why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you ask for help?” And, in that moment, I couldn’t find an answer.

After the Abuse: The Price of Speaking Out

A few months after escaping an emotionally abusive relationship, feeling strangled and suffocated by the enormity of that secret, I made a controversial choice: I wrote about what had happened on my Facebook page... Read more

In The Mind of an Abuser: “I Have The Right To Punish You”.

The thing is, your abuser is convinced that he was perfectly justified in abusing you.