Kyle Benson

I've had the privilege of working with men and women on a wide range of relationship issues. I've helped individuals:Leave toxic relationships to find a healthy relationship that makes them feel calm, grateful for the person in their life, and deeply valued by their partner Close the emotional distance between partners so they feel deeply connected to each otherResolve relationship conflict, leading the couple to become closer and more loving than they ever thought imaginable Remove sexual anxiety to create intensely passionate and longer-lasting sexUse problems in the relationship as catalysts to help individuals grow into their highest potential (and become more awesome lovers)Our coaching sessions are tailored towards reaching solutions that improve your relationship quickly. Read more about my coaching programmes here, Relationship Coaching or Email me at [email protected]

8 Profound Lessons Intimate Relationships Teach Us

Our intimate relationships teach us more than about the hearts of the ones we love. They teach us about ourselves. There is no greater people growing machine than that of love.

Focus On The Issue: How Lasting Couples Fight

Love can be a battleground of mistakes, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Oftentimes when we want to discuss a specific conflict with our partners, we also want the floor to discuss EVERY conflict with our partner

You’re Only As Troubled As The Relationship You’re In

“All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality of the [person] to which we are attached by love.” -Baruch Spinoza

6 Telltale Signs Of The Most Toxic Relationship Of All

In one of the most psychologically recognized toxic relationships, one partner craves intimacy while the other becomes uncomfortable when things get close.

The Anxious Lover: Stop Feeling Insecure And Get The Love You Crave

Why do people manipulate others? Is it because they’re an asshole? Is it because they need to feel powerful?

The War of Independence In Relationships

The idea that partners shouldn’t be needy and should be independent creates a lack of security in the relationship.

2 Hidden Ways We Sabotage Intimacy In The Relationship We Want

Do you have a pattern of being attracted to an emotionally unavailable intimate partner who is emotionally protected and difficult to get close with?

The Top 3 Vulnerabilities That Ruin Your Relationship

Are you and your partner fighting more than usual? Do you know that there are a few vulnerabilities that ruin your relationship?

4 Powerful Exercises That Help Make A Toxic Relationship Less Toxic

Are you and your partner trying to make a toxic relationship less toxic than before? Are you willing to do anything to save the relationship?

3 Reasons Why You Fall For Emotionally Unavailable Partners

When the partner says they are committed to the relationship, but their behavior tells a different story.