Kyle Benson

I've had the privilege of working with men and women on a wide range of relationship issues. I've helped individuals:Leave toxic relationships to find a healthy relationship that makes them feel calm, grateful for the person in their life, and deeply valued by their partner Close the emotional distance between partners so they feel deeply connected to each otherResolve relationship conflict, leading the couple to become closer and more loving than they ever thought imaginable Remove sexual anxiety to create intensely passionate and longer-lasting sexUse problems in the relationship as catalysts to help individuals grow into their highest potential (and become more awesome lovers)Our coaching sessions are tailored towards reaching solutions that improve your relationship quickly. Read more about my coaching programmes here, Relationship Coaching or Email me at [email protected]

Does Your Lover Actually Love You?

In spite of your lover telling you the three magical words, have you ever wondered if he/she truly loves you or not.

6 Commandments Of Vulnerable Communication

Read these 6 commandments of vulnerable communication to avoid miscommunication between you and your partner.

7 Daily Rituals Happy Couples Use To Cultivate Lasting Love

One of the best ways to intentionally improve a relationship is to add meaning to the daily habits we already practice, as well as to cultivate new rituals that make the moments we have together, more meaningful and connecting.

The Love Tank Theory – How To Make Love Last

A couple’s Love Tank is filled by the frequency of emotional connections and is drained by the ways a couple disconnects.

Chronic Stonewalling Imprisons a Relationship

Stonewalling is a warning sign that your relationship is ailing.

How Your Family Shapes You And Your Adult Relationships

The environment of your family shapes who you are and how you will love your partner in a future relationship.

The 7 Steps To Separation

Love is like the ageing wine. But most often than not, it dies an unnatural death with the untimely separation of couples.

An Always Happy Relationship is a Doomed Relationship

When our goal is to make our relationship feel good, then the relationship will fail to make both partners feel good.

7 Enhancing Lovemaking Conversations For Couples

Intimacy is the gateway into the sort of sex many of us spend our lives wondering if we'll ever experience.

Attachment Theory Explains Why Your Relationships Fail

The beliefs you adopt in pursuing your relationships determines the type of relationships you end up with.

5 Secrets To Finding A Fulfilling and Happy Relationship When You Are Needy

You are only as troubled as the relationship you’re in. And if you find yourself in relationships where your partner calls you needy or sensitive, than you’re probably attracted to an emotionally unavailable partner. Will that really make you happy?

Insecurity: If Only You Loved Me As Much As I Loved You

The way to break the chain of unhealthy relationships requires personal growth.