Kayley Easterbrook

Kayley Easterbrook has a passion for holistic health and wellbeing.Having worked as personal trainer for over twelve years, writing has become a creative outlet.Her work is a collection of literature to inspire and motivate human potential.She lives in the United Kingdom with her two children.

The Importance Of Loving Ourselves

To love yourself is not something that needs to be earned

The Power Of Being Present

Take the time to be curious and enquire about this moment and let the beauty of life unfold before your very eyes. The Power Of Being Present

A Wish From My Soul

I wish for the love of another to fully accept my light and darkness. So I can share the dreams in my heart and receive a soft touch ,A Wish From My Soul

What Is Love?

Love asks for nothing and gives everything, allowing us to fall as we are caught safely within the arms of its embrace....

Manifesting Your Reality: The Power of Thoughts.

You are life and energy. You are powerful and you can always make the choice to manifest your reality.  Manifesting Your Reality The Power of Thoughts.

The Freedom Of Letting Go

We find our personal sense of peace when we detach from the ideas about the type of person we should be and the life we ought to live.