Jo Tan

Heart in a Blender

His heart was now in a blender knowing she was all that he wanted and not knowing if he was all that she would need. The Minds Journal

Regrets are real

When she met that guy it was the date she always dreamt about but she did not want to believe in the existence of true love again.

Her Untold Story..

For how long can you be in love with a person is a question on her mind hoping that has an answer she could find. The Minds Journal

Her Palace of Peace

She has her own palace of peace and it is as luxurious as it could be nor can they enter it nor can they steal. The Minds Journal

The Girl Within Me

She is an old soul who doesn't look for gloryHer eyes are deep wanting to tell an untold story

To the guy I never met again

I stood there beneath the moon starring at him while he spoke thinking about how underrated a word like handsome could be., To the guy I never met again

Looking for the sky..

I have my own flaws, I could be a sweetheart for a while and then a weirdo later.

To the girl who feared loosing love..

True love doesn't demand it just accepts. Love doesn't need rules or principles to be followed by him or her it just needs to be true

Dont believe them..

When they tell you that you are not good enough, don't believe them. When they tell you how imperfect you are, don't believe them. Dont believe them..