Fathima Afshan

Broken Lamp

Broken Lamp Shaking and trembling, The lamp fell. Piece by piece laying on the ground, The light dampening itself little by little, 

Arising From The Depth of Dark

Overcome the darkness to live through another day.

Lessons Of Life

We emerge as a strong and powerful human being after the lessons of life.


Living with pain is not easy but you need to find a purpose in life to forget and move on.

Let It Go

Once you learn to let it go, you have nothing else to learn.


Your feelings in heart allows your words to find an expression.


To love back the people with same zeal, I pray.


After an end of a day, the next morning is a new beginning.


Sitting here and wonderingIs it the pitter patter sound Or the gentle breeze Or the sweet fragrance Or the blessed sight Of the rain falling

Vulnerable Thoughts

A gift that you share Only with "some"There is nothing beyond beautifulTo find that "some"And to hold themA little longerAnd to keep them