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People Who Go Through Painful Breakups, End Up Stronger and Happier

People Who Go Through Painful Breakups, End Up Stronger and Happier

10 Things You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother

She teaches you to be unapologetically yourself yet be resolute and genuine.

A Letter To The Other Woman

This letter is to the other woman who taught me about life.

7 Reasons Why the Longer You’ve Been Single the Better You’ll Be in a Relationship

Being single can actually be a great thing— it can prepare you to make your next relationship even better.

When You Meet The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Relationships fail not only because of the wrong person but they also fail because you are yet to become the right person.

The Toxic Attraction Between An Empath And A Narcissist

From my own experience and studies on the narcissist personality type, there is always one core trait: A narcissist is wounded.

Dear Empath, We Need You

To those who soak up the world’s energy like a sponge.

The Quiet Ones: People Who Talk Less Really Are Smarter

It is a common notion and the first instinct of the society to consider the ones who talk less to be simple, naïve, gullible. But perhaps you are underestimating the smartest opponent. Behind their not so confident personality, these quiet ones can mysteriously possess the most intelligent attributes.