Stacy Hoch is self-help empowered in private practice, a chakra centered life coach and a psychology professor with a new-age twist. A soul searcher, mother by nature, lover by choice, fighter by necessity: she scares the sh*t out of herself daily with her willingness to become fully alive. Exploring mother/child soul contract and prenatal mother/child relationships and communication light her insides on fire. Check out her daily what-nots on her website or Facebook.Soul archeologist, healer, empowered.

Let Go of What you Want

So often I see people choosing “love” over “happiness” as if they’re stuck in love. They are often the same people that fall in love but have trouble staying in love.

All Oppression Is Connected

A well intended person commented with something along the lines of being affected by being on the other side of an oppression that others cannot understand. More to the point, what can a white girl living what appears to be a middle class life possibly know about standing behind the gate of a burning oppressive hell?.. Read more, Mind talk by Empoweress Get your thoughts/poetry/quotes/videos published in our Readers Blog, login/register on www.themindsjournal.com to submit.

Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Where You Want To Be

We are hard pressed, once we learn the intellectual aspect of infinite possibilities, to achieve our highest life potential. It just makes sense. It’s obvious it can be done because an internal knowing feels that those who’ve reached themselves, have done so, with a gift or a silver platter that we ourselves have yet to come across in our own lives to the extent that those who have mastered the present have... Read More.. By Empoweress Get your thoughts published on The Minds Journal too, login/register on www.themindsjournal.com to submit.