Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff is the co-founder of one of the largest alternative medical clinics in the U.S., Lifeworks Wellness Center. Founded in 1997, this wellness center combines more cutting-edge alternative therapies and modalities under the same roof than almost any other alternative clinic in the country.In 2000, the success and demand of LifeWorks was a catalyst for Dr. Minkoff, where he founded BodyHealth.com — a nutrition company manufactures and distributes cutting-edge solutions to practitioners and the public, and offers them the opportunity to have access to unique dietary supplements and education.Dr. Minkoff also serves as CEO of Home Health Works, a privately-owned home health agency — which was established with the belief, that, in order to provide the highest quality of home care, patients must be treated like family.Dr. Minkoff is the author of the best-selling Amazon book, The Search for the Perfect Protein: The Key to Solving Weight Loss, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Osteoporosis.You can follow more of Dr. Minkoff's work here:https://www.lifehack.org/author/david-minkoff https://medium.com/@DrDavidMinkoff https://thriveglobal.com/authors/david-minkoff/ https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/dr-david-minkoff