I am a hopeless romantic. I aspire to inspire people by my example. I want to be a healer and to make others avoid painful experiences. Also, I want to be a role model when talking about unconditional love and trust.



But years by years, and June by June,
I’m waiting there to be loved by anybody.

I Screamed

I screamed to the waters

I screamed to the waters, my sorrow and pain.

I’m Soulful

Im Soulful

That they don’t need me, that’s why I’m used to being wounded, broken, bruised, lied to. But I’ve learnt that I’m brave, I’m soulful, I’m loved.


Healing I was standing still like a strong castle

I was standing still like a strong castle; until they told me that I am not good enough. No one noticed that their words were so tough.


TIred Today I choose to be broken

I’m tired to start all over again.

The Way I Am

The Way I Am

I want to hear that someone loves me just the way I am. Without wanting to change something about me. Without making me stronger.


Devotion Dont you ask yourself

I want devotion, love, and care. To be respected everywhere. I want someone’s hands to hold. Hugs when I’m tired and I’m cold.

I’ll Not Allow You To Be With Me

Ill not allow you to be with me

I’ll not allow you to be with me unless you’ll touch my soul with a clean intention to be with me and you’ll understand the storms I’ve been through

Don’t Judge

Its nothing new to judge someone

Don’t Judge It’s nothing new to judge someone,Without being in their shoes, Without talking to the one, And knowing nothing ’bout his loss.

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