Life will knock you down,now and then But get up and fight again...That's the beauty of life It's a boon not a bane!! . The Minds Journal


Memories sweet and sour wafted in the sky I bid them farewell with a tear in my eye.

Mind & Heart

The mind invents....The heart discovers.

Wonderful Wanderland

I wander in wonderWitnessing loot and plunderAll in the name of  God ......We are all awedSo  we applaud even the flawedI still wonder...  as  I wander.......

Be Yourself !!

Faces grim or gayPeep and tell you how to lead your dayDo not listen to themThink for yourself  Pave your own way.....

Box of Memories

The memories gave her a warm send-off With a sorrowful smile, she bid them farewell Time had come to part ways forever. The Minds Journal

The Mask

Every day is a tiring task Taking off and wearing a new mask


I tried to take off my maskBut it appeared an impossible task,The mask had become MEAnd I was now a contaminated identity.

Bygone Days..

The bygone days tightened their grip on her gentle arm,She winced at first but then smiled....