EDUCATION I, BANWARI LAL AGRAWALA AGED 73 YEARS, A GOLD MEDALIST IN COMMERCE GRADUATE, LLB AND COST ACCOUNTANT FROM KOLKATA UNIVERSITY. INDIA COMPLETED MY SUDIES IN 1967.I STAY IN MUMBAI AND BENGALURU AND LIVE A DISCIPLINED AND HEALTHY LIFE. YOGA LEARNING I had intensive training in Yoga at the oldest institute known as ”The Yoga Institute “ at Santacruz Mumbai,India and completed my “ TEACHERS TRAING COUSRE “ and obtained “TEACHING CERTIFICATE “ in the year 1981.Thereafter I got involved in advanced yoga studies and experiential Research of various physical , psychological, emotional , mental and social behaviour of human life causing several psychosomatic diseases mainly relating to faulty life style and possible improvement by small modification in daily routines, thinking process , diet, sleep, attitude and relaxation. I also had opportunity to work as secretary of “International Board of Yoga” , Santacruz, Mumbai for almost 15 years coordinating with hundreds of yoga teachers and other yoga institutes for propagation of Yoga way of life for house holders . YOGA TEACJING I conducted many yoga classes , programmes, seminars and camps on various psychosomatic diseases and collected positive responses from those who brought life style changes as advocated by Yoga Principles. I wrote few articles on Yoga and human health which was published in Yoga Journals.Also besides teaching Yoga on one to one basis I have been practising Yoga way of life for last 30 years and silently motivatimg people around to help themselves by adopting Yoga Way of life.


Svadhyaya gives one an insight into oneself & builds one’s character and also offers guidelines for social conduct.

The 10 Rules For Being Human

A lesson is repeated until learned. It is presented to you in various forms until you learn it, then you can go on to the next lesson.


A strong Family is a place we enter for comfort, development and regeneration, a place from which we go forth renewed & charged with power of positive feeling. Love is the best investment.


Yoga believes that in order to prevent Psychosomatic illness one must think right. We must learn to live a better life. We must change our attitude and thinking to make us pleasant and cheerful. Here are certain Yogic Tips for bringing such change:-