Bambi Llaguno

My Pen

Have you seen my pen? It tirelessly doodles, My smiles and giggles. Have you held my pen? It bears my tears, And draws my pain.

A Walk Down The Memory Lane

I once walked alone, And found myself unlocking, The gates of memory lane. Memories which I had buried long ago, And believed to have forgotten.

Neither Superior Nor Inferior

You are neither superior nor inferior to anyone...You may be wanting something that others have...But they might be wishing for

Unwanted Reality

You know it’s one of the saddest news ever if you wish it was fake, And you know it’s your worst moment if you wish it was just a bad dream.

If I Breathe My Last

If I breathe my last today, How would you weep? Will you do it in deep silence? Or wail to the top of your voice?


Allow rejection to push you towards your desired goal.

Essence of Friendship

Friendship is treasured for life.


Romance is all about togetherness.

Missing Someone Is An Indescribable Feeling

Nothing can fill the emptiness when you miss someone whom you cannot meet.