Bambi Llaguno


Grief Untimely death

To lose a loved one in the most horrendous way,
Is indescribable.



If only lightning could burn any sorrow into ashes, Thunder could outroar the sound of all anger, And heavy rain could wash away the pain and anguish

Thank You, Mom

Thank You Mom

And she keeps you, In her heart, no matter what. She has that unconditional love, And no one can ever take her place. Thank you, Mom.

Someone Who Is A True Friend

Someone Who Is A True Friend

To bring you back to reverie, Someone who prays for you. That someone is a true friend and is rare. You must be so blessed if you have that someone.

Forever In My Poems

Forever In My Poems

Forever In My Poems A time will come when you are going to miss me, And you would want to hug me as you have never wanted before.

In My Poems

In My Poem

Sorrows and pain visited me, They made my heartache, And my tears flowed like rain. I embedded everything, In my poems. Then laughter and giggles came,

What Kind Of Wall Do You Have?

What Kind Of Wall Do You Have

can be your concrete tool to create happiness, it could also be your motivation to strive and get to the other side. What kind of wall you have there?

Storm Amidst A Storm

Storm Amidst A Storm

Storm Amidst A Storm Dark clouds and gloomy sky, The ball of fire can’t shine. The wind blows like crazy, Lightning strikes angrily, Thunder crashes so loud

My Pen

My Pen

Have you seen my pen? It tirelessly doodles, My smiles and giggles. Have you held my pen? It bears my tears, And draws my pain.

A Walk Down The Memory Lane

walk down the memory lane

I once walked alone,

And found myself unlocking,

The gates of memory lane.

Memories which I had buried long ago,

And believed to have forgotten.

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