Aliaa H. Abbas - Lia


When Dreaming Is The Drug, Vision’s Your Only Cure!

A vision is the road map to the maze of your dreamy heart and wishful mind.

A Road-map to Freedom

Replace positive thinking with progressive thinking... Replace feelings with guts, expectations with standards; and most of all; analysis with consciousness...

Her Favorite Label Was Her Name… Just Her Name

She simply wanted to be a woman...a human, a being, a soul, a heart, a mind...

She Blamed Her Unwise Mistakes On Her Mind!

You can never condition the heart... it's wild and free... it's untamed and that makes it genuine and true, authentic and vivid.

Don’t say you miss me!

We miss our life with them but certainly it is not just them. Even the sound of it is deeper.

How Awareness Turned Paradox

She meets new people every day... they see something in her and she sees something in them but they don't see each other. She ached because they were unable to receive what the universe was sending them through her!


The interaction that may shake them and move them and urge them to grow into the truly marvelous creatures they were meant to become!

And He Always Told Her The Truth!

You may think she's walking in his shadows but she was always in his heart and mind; She was always there and he always told her Truth.

This is why they freak out on me!

They freak out on me… Not because I am strong, Not because I am demanding And not because I am a bitch…

A Beastful Beauty

It takes a free spirit with a passionate mind to see the beauty of a beast; an eye that sees through the surface and knows what matters... she sees...

This is why it is harder to fall in love with you; after finally finding my true self…

This is why it is harder to fall in love with you; after becoming my true self…