Aletheia Luna

Aletheia Luna is an influential spiritual writer whose work has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. After escaping the religious sect she was raised in, Luna experienced a profound existential crisis that led to her spiritual awakening. As a spiritual counselor and professional writer, Luna's mission is to help others become conscious of their entrapment and find joy, empowerment, and liberation in any circumstance. See more of her work at

9 Ways To Trust Your Intuition To Make Big Decisions

Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition. ~ M. L’Engle (A Wind in the Door)

Emotional Abuse: The Quiet Killer

The tricky thing with emotional abuse like anything quiet and unobtrusive is that it can be overlooked easily, blending into the background of life.  Luckily, however, it can lead traces of something “not being quite right” in your relationships – something wrong that you just can’t quite put your finger on.

Soul Communication: 7 Ways Your True Self is Trying to Guide You

Our souls communicate with us through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, poetry, deep feelings and magic.

9 Humbling Life Lessons I’ve Learned As An INFJ

Lesson #3 You are tired of carrying the emotional baggage of others, but feel guilty for not being there for them …

The 7 Stages Of Ego Death

Have you ever experienced Ego Death in your life? If you haven't, then you should know that it is one of the most beautiful experiences of life.

What Is Spiritual Bypassing? Beware of These 10 Types

To spiritually bypass is to use spirituality to avoid, suppress, or escape from uncomfortable issues in life.

Shadow Work: How to Let Your Inner Demons Guide You

That damaged part of you that you hide from the world – it needs healing too! Learn how to heal yourself through Shadow Work. 

13 Signs You’re Struggling With Emotional Numbness (The Secret Illness)

And if you experienced an extremely traumatic life event that was simply too overwhelming for you to handle (from which you haven’t recovered), I can almost guarantee that you suffer from emotional numbness.

63 Signs That You Have A Low Or High Vibration

Do you know that every human being walking on the face of the earth have vibrations of their own? So, do you think that you have a low or high vibration?

Self Liberation: How To Rewrite Your Toxic Life Stories

One of the most powerful ways of liberating ourselves from suffering in life is by rewriting our toxic life stories.

Why You Need To Stop “Fixing” Your Emotional Suffering

The more we try to mend and repair ourselves, the more broken we feel.