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Here’s To Us

Here’s to us
Here’s to all the things that we’ve been through;
to all the good and the bad times spent together More

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For The First Time In A Year

You held my hand and stroke it slowly as if you were memorizing every lines on it and when our hands intertwined, it felt like my jigsaw puzzle had finally find its missing piece. More

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The Roller Coaster Ride

“If one day you wake up and you no longer care about me,” she says, “say so over our morning coffee and I will let you leave.”
“I will not ask you why. I will not ask you to stay one more night. I will give you a small smile to say that it is okay and that people lose feelings for all sorts of reasons and that I will survive.”
“So if it comes to it,” she says, “just say so. You should stay because you want to. You should leave if you need.”
Excerpt from a book I’ll never write More

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How to Write Effectively

Being a writer isn't just owning a pen and a pad of paper. All of us can be a writer but not all of us can be a GOOD writer. What is a definition of a good writer to you? More

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