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A woman who is passionate about coherent words.

This Time I’d Love You Even Better Than I Ever Did Before

Clock's ticking.Birds' chirping.Wind's blowing.And here we are...starting over and over again. How could you change the trend of my life this way?

Magic Begins The Moment You Explore Yourself

Life takes a surprising turn. It has for each one of us. After ending a relationship with someone you have loved,

She Is A Woman Who Is Always In Touch With Her Emotions

Please don’t blame her for being too sensitive and emotional.She remembers everything.

To The Only Man I Have Ever Wanted All My Life

These are the words I want to tell you in a soft rustling sound like the whisper of leaves in the wind during the autumnal equinox.

Don’t Lead Her On With No Intention Of Loving Her

Don't date a woman and have one hell of a time with her when you're just planning on dating another girl the next day and the following day or every day.

I Still See You In All The Old Familiar Places

It is both strange and comforting to be writing about that particular period. All of a sudden, the flood of memories came. The years…those long years are parading, grandly marching before my eyes

This Is What The Woman Who Loves You Wants You To Know

Love has an inexplicable power to nurture and it feeds the soul, the heart, and the body.

An Open Letter To The Lord

I will never give up no matter what. I will continue for a good fight.

Learning The Ways Of Love

"He wanted me to be the sky. I left because he couldn't see I already was." - Sade Andria Bak-Zabala, Poet & Writer

15 Excerpts From Poems And Articles To Cry About

I give you some of the excerpts from published articles and poems to cry about. Let it fall down and water your soul...

Solitude And Loneliness

I've come up with these beautiful words sealed with the sweetest kiss: