5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura and Ward Off Any Negative Energy

 August 14, 2018

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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura and Ward Off Any Negative Energy

Talking to people and lending them your help when they need it is a noble thing to do, but never at the cost of your own well-being.

4. Lastly, stress is a bigger evil than most of us give it credit for, and it is also one of the major reasons a lot of us face the problem of aura drain. Overworking and being motivated by results rather than enjoying the journey is something that must be stopped. Gig-economy is something that has created more ashes than trees and it is time you think twice before making yourself a slave to it.


What are some of the things you can do in order to improve the health of your aura

Now that we have talked about what an aura drain is and what causes it, let us get straight into what would help us make sure that our aura stays put and we get around our lives in a better and healthier way.

Firstly, get your walking shoes out and make sure you get some fresh air and some exercise as frequently as you possibly can. Walking keeps the body in better shape and the new sights you see and the new people you meet do the same for your mind.

Secondly, what really gets this approach going, is a healthy and nutritious diet. Add proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals in sufficient amounts, ensuring your body has a healthy digestive system. A glass of milk at night and an apple in the afternoon go a long way, my friend.

Third, it is time to cut off everyone who dampens your shine, i.e., people who are negative and make you question yourself. You are better than that and you have to remind yourself of the same.

Fourth, comes some breathing exercises and meditation. One truly does not understand the advantages of these things until they try it. So get to it as soon as possible to understand its power.


There are some external elements that might be of help, like amulets and crystals that will help your soul and mind protect themselves. It is the age of the internet and it would be stupid to feign ignorance about the specifics of things.

Your aura is a precious thing. Your empathy comes from it and it is not only others that gain healing warmth from it: you yourself require the rejuvenating powers of your cleaned up aura.

Keep in good shape, health-wise. There is a saying in India that the greatest temple of God is the body of the devotee. Keep the beauty of it safe and make sure the pillars hold it up in a proper place.

Be healthy and cling to happiness.


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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Aura and Ward Off Any Negative Energy

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