5 Ingredients For Attracting Happiness and Healthy Relationships in Your Life


4) Generosity and kindness over materialistic possessions

What are the real treasures in life? Cars? Property? gold? We may say yes at a first glance but are they really? Money cannot buy happiness is a debatable statement but it does hold some truth in it. Our life experiences are our real treasures. The materialistic possessions may give us happiness for a short while but real happiness comes from relationships we build, the experiences we collect.

What money does is buy us comfort and gives a sense of choice which is really very temporary. If you have money you can make different choices and that is how the world works, lack of money narrow your choices and this often saddens people and make them unhappy. But choices don’t always bring happiness, the new clothes or cars or gadgets will give you happiness that lasts shorter than the cloth itself. A night out with friends gives you more long lasting happiness than a whole day shopping would give.

Doing things you love gives you real happiness, a cup of coffee over friends place, a walk in the evening, spending time with your family, playing with kids and dogs, these small things which we often tend to ignore are what brings us happiness being kind to people we earn blessings and smile and that gives us happiness.

5) Empathy

The major reason for so much of chaos and unhappiness in this world is a lack of empathy in people. None tries to understand feelings of someone, ego seems to have blinded people.
Happy people are wise and they keep their ego at bay, when someone does something wrong, they don’t take it personally and get angry or sad but try to understand what motivated them to do this.


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