How To Attract Men Using Nothing But Your Body Language

How To Attract Men

3. Be aware of the way your mouth moves.

You may not have noticed this, but when you’re feeling tense or nervous, you press your lips together.

Try it right now.

Think about a recent conversation or event that completely threw you off balance and angered you, or made you anxious. Like when he called to cancel a date you were looking forward to. Or he turned his back on you when you needed to talk, or vent.

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Are you imagining something like that? Now…

Notice how your lips oh-so-slightly press together. They tense up and your mouth looks smaller and tighter.

Now think about something sensual, relaxing. Really get into the visual. Maybe you’re imagining petting your dog or cat. Maybe you’re imagining your man telling you he loves you and he’s stroking your hair.

How does that change the way your lips feel? Are they relaxed and slightly parted?

4. Learn how to tap into your feminine softness.

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tense, do something that feels counter-intuitive.

Relax your lips, and part them slightly. You’ll notice an immediate simultaneous shift in your “energy” from tense to calm. But more importantly, this remarkable technique can also make you appear more relaxed and self-confident, even when you’re in a very tense situation. Like on a date, or having an emotional conversation with your boyfriend.

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Looking more self-confident and relaxed opens you up and sends the signal that you’re open and vulnerable  —  which is actually an irresistible visual “signal” to a man.

Isn’t that something? Any woman can learn how to become more attractive and magnetic simply by tapping into her natural inner beauty and feminine energy.

How will that attract men?

Men are drawn and magnetized to a woman when she’s relaxed, vulnerable, soft on the outside, but strong on the inside.

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What other strategies do you know that can help you attract men?  Leave a comment below.

Written By Rori Raye
Originally Appeared On Your Tango
4 Ways You Can Attract Men With Your Body Language
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How To Attract Men Using Nothing But Your Body Language
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