At What Age Should You Marry?

At What Age Should You Marry?

Marriage a topic, everyone has to face in life and if you are an Indian, then this topic will be of interest to everyone, even unrelated to you. In your mid-twenties to late twenties, you’ll face this irritating and most exasperating topic and you just cannot get rid of it. Although many of us has learned to avoid it by saying they need to study, get a job first, get a promotion maybe, have respectable salary or just need more time.

Well, I can totally relate to this as I am 26yrs old and I am not ready to marry. My parents worry about this but I am able to defer the topic of discussion with my charisma and knowledge. While my reason of not settling is not incorrect but it’s not entirely true. I want to study further but I also want to find myself, I want to understand myself or simply I want to fall head over heels in love with MYSELF.

Now, that is not an easy topic to explain, because being an Indian, loving yourself was never the part of the course but making sure that everyone else is happy, definitely was.[Was-I hope you have paid attention to the participle, because I work hard to not repeat the things, I use to do in the past.]

Now, back to the topic at hand, right time to marry-Is there even a right time? Studies have found that 26-28yrs is the best age to get settled. Now, don’t go around thinking that you only have 3yrs to get settled. You see, the problem with studies is that they share the facts, not the experiments they did to reach that fact. The time period mentioned is a general view point, that in general, a person gets settled by the age of 26, understand themselves, knows what they want in life and are clear of their purpose to move on to the next phase of life which is marriage. But, that is a general case, not applicable to everyone. So, that means you might need more time to know what you want from life or maybe less. The people getting married at the age of 22 are not stupid, they aren’t making some really big mistakes, they know they are ready, their purpose is in aligned with their decision to get married…so that is completely okay. Some, still single at the age of 31 are fine…because they are still in pursuit of what they want from life and if that will align with their marriage in future, they will marry.

Now the trouble comes around in the form of conventional thinkers or people who like to just follow the society rules which are fixed and cannot be changed (this is what they think) i.e. everyone getting married at the age of 25, you should marry too types or simply the uninformed ones, who base their opinions on the frequency of the actions around them. The people who think that life is a “One size fits all” case, that doing anything different, you shall face the havoc of their unscrupulous opinions.

Sad, isn’t? How as humans we want to be a part of society, a society that follows a standard procedure and anything or anyone breaking that rule is liable to get disbarred.  

Well, in the gist of my topic, I would like to say that there is no right time for marriage, you can marry today or tomorrow or never, that is up to you and no-one should tell you otherwise.

Things are changing. Things have changed. Things will change in the future. Be ready to embrace the future.

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