Astrological Predictions for 2019 – a Witch’s Sneak Peek into the Future

Astrological Predictions for 2019 – a Witch’s Sneak Peek into the Future

For the next 11 months, though, Jupiter’s energy will be ‘locked’ under the spell of your 12th solar house. This confides the benevolent and lucky effect of Jupiter. Frankly, it may feel like good luck has disappeared. But that’s not true. Jupiter right now works for you in a subtle yet creative way, changing the way you feel and dream, making room for what is coming on December 2019. Finally, Uranus’ new position will help you attract happy times and satisfaction, for the next 7 years! 

In a few words, your next year is all about hard work yet success is also predicted as Saturn will make anything possible to give his children (you) a long-lasting gift. 


Aquarius Predictions for 2019:

A Non-boring year! 

If I could write one thing about 2019, is that you will not get bored, not even for one minute! Let’s see why. First of all, from spring 2019 and for the next 7 years, Uranus, your bright and restless governor changes signs, affecting your home and your family. This will create a series of events which alter the way you feel about the space you are living. You might get married, you might move to a new house and in general, for the next 7 years, nothing will feel the same, regarding your home. 

On the other hand, Jupiter seems to be by your side, expanding your social circles and attracting new and interesting people to you. A teacher may get closer to you, ready to pass his/her wisdom and inspire you. However, due to Saturn’s position in your 12th house, you feel kinda weird, as if no one can possibly understand you. It’s not that there are actually new circumstances, yet you feel isolated and lonely. Let me tell you that this is only a state of mind. We are all connected. But why I am telling you this? You’re the ones who taught us this lesson! 

In a few words, your mood-swings that began from December 2017 will go on yet now Jupiter is about to give you a helping hand and expand your social circle. So, bury the hatchet and let go of the past pain! 


Pisces Predictions for 2019:

Full of Possibilities 

It’s definitely a year of powerful possibilities, amazing opportunities and traps! That been said, let’s begin our journey to this amazing year! First of all, the effect of Neptune in your Zodiac Sign will certainly make it hard to tell what’s good and what’s bad for you. However, due to the stabilising effect of Saturn, you will have the chance to save yourself from unsuccessful choices. All you have to do is try to look at things, not as you wish they would be, but as they actually are! 

Furthermore, now, with Jupiter in your 10th house, it feels like you are in heaven, with endless possibilities in your career and your professional life. But this is not necessarily true. Indeed, Jupiter will give you the chance for growth, but choices are need to be made with a clear mind. Finally, Uranus’ new position in Taurus will give you a helping hand, to decide with a brighter mind and a touch of good luck! 

In a few words, yes, this year will feel amazing, but you need to be more careful when making choices, which can affect your destiny! 

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