Astrological Predictions for 2019 – a Witch’s Sneak Peek into the Future

Astrological Predictions for 2019 – a Witch’s Sneak Peek into the Future

Stop number 2. Jupiter is now by your side. Although last year clearly helped you a lot putting your financial status in a creative direction, now, the King of Gods will help you attract new interesting people and be more inspired and creative. Anything that has to do with transportation and communication is favoured and can be profitable. Stop number 3. The new position of Uranus, from the spring of 2019, will help you breathe after 7 years of intense changes with your co-operations and your most important relations.

In a few words, yes, 2019 is clearly so much better in so many ways than 2018 and the last 7 years has been. However, you still need to be careful, especially with your home and family. 


Scorpio Predictions for 2019:

Stronger Together? 

A new year will begin in only a few days and you’ve already felt what is about to happen. The most important news will come from the new position of Uranus, the planet of Changes and Liberty. However, this new position affects all your relationships, including the most important ones, too, along with all your co-operations. Therefore, everything related to your co-workers, your supervisors, your marriage and, in general, all your personal and professional relationships should be considered sensitive. 

Furthermore, the new position of Jupiter affects  your financial status. Although you might spend more money, you may also discover alternative sources of income. What do you have in mind Scorpio? Finally, by the last month of 2019 Jupiter will pass in a much luckier position for you, affecting not only December, but the whole next year of 2020. 

In a few words, you are entering a 7-year-long phase when your relations become challenging and demanding. Keep calm and find a clever way to deal with them. It is time to liberate yourself from the past.


Sagittarius Predictions for 2019:

Welcome Growth and Inspiration

Yes! What you’ve been waiting for years has finally come. 2019 found you all with Jupiter in your Zodiac Sign, an omen of growth, success and inspiration. Although not everything will feel like heaven, it certainly makes the difference. Jupiter will give you the optimism you’ve forgot you had. This is actually your most powerful weapon, and it’s time to get this benevolent attitude back. Moreover, your personal agenda, your wishes and your goals can be promoted. Aim higher, but always keep your feet on the ground. This effect won’t last forever and you should make the best out of this transit. It will happen again after 12 years! 

For three more months, you can actually use the energy of Uranus to make changes and banish negative thoughts from your mind and your heart. From spring of 2019 and for the next 7 years to come, you will experience changes regarding your habits, your everyday life, your career and your vitality. Use the power of Jupiter to initiate a profitable and creative status. 

In a few words, the power of Jupiter will be intense and will probably change your life. Make sure you keep an eye on opportunities which usually are once-in-a-lifetime ones! 


Capricorn Predictions for 2019:

With great Power comes great Responsibility 

It’s true. You’ve felt it since the Winter Solstice of 2017. Saturn, your cold but fair governor, is in your Zodiac Sign but this is not necessarily a bad thing. With so much power, you can create a whole new universe for you. However, there is a catch. You have to work harder and harder, till you achieve it. Yet Saturn will eventually give you what you need and, trust me… once he gives it to you, he will make sure you’ll always have it. 

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