Astrological Predictions for 2019 – a Witch’s Sneak Peek into the Future

Gemini Predictions for 2019:

Help comes from Others

It has certainly been a very tough year with many difficulties, as Saturn has ‘camped’ in your 8th solar house, making your life a bit miserable, along with your professional life. Unfortunately, this influence will go on in 2019, making you want to be reborn from the ashes of your past dreams. However, this time, help has arrived. 

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This help has a name, and it’s called Jupiter. It feels like your prayers have been answered, and others are attracted by your aura’s vibrations. Anything you know so far may change in the blink of an eye, as your relationships become a source of creativity, inspiration and abundance. Get ready to receive the gifts of joy and pleasure from other people, who are here to help you cope with any problems you might face. For all the single ones out there, better days are coming and you might even get married with your soul mate. For all in an existing relationship and/or marriage, there are great opportunities to ‘revive’ your love and passion, which will ultimately change your entire life towards a better direction. All legal issues are also favoured, along with new co-operations. 

In a few words, 2019 is still going to be exhausting, yet, there are much better influences, right now, which can actually create a matrix of happiness and inspiration around you. 

Cancer Predictions for 2019:

Nothing stays the same

It has definitely been a very tough year for all of you and, yes, the tough gets going. However, nothing feels the same this year. A major energy shift will occur in March, changing your life entirely. If you recall, your problems, and your intense mood swings have started around 2010 right? Well, this was caused by Uranus in Aries, who certainly was not very good with you. 

In his new position, he will help you broaden your social circles and meet new and interesting people. This intense energy over your professional life will certainly decrease. For eight years, nothing seemed to be stable in your home and your professional life. Now things are slowly getting better. You are getting ready for an extreme makeover, yet Saturn, for one more year, will pressure your relations and your co-operations. The new position of Jupiter, thankfully, changes your everyday life, making it happier and more optimistic. 

In a few words, 2019 will put an end to your suffering, which has begun in 2010. However, this change will not happen instantly and you will have to be careful with your relationships. 

Leo Predictions for 2019:

Active Balance

You are not that fond of changes. Although you try to look like there’s nothing too shocking for you, everything that started happening from spring till autumn of 2018 has already left you speechless. Soon, Uranus, the planet of changes, will re-enter Taurus, a position pretty tough for your zodiac sign. From there, your career will receive a heavy yet powerful boost. Sure there will be amazing (and sometimes once-in-a-lifetime) opportunities, but, also, many things you thought were certain, are not, any longer. 

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However, the cosmic balance is restored by the benevolent presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius. From this position, and for a whole year, Jupiter will help you open yourself to love and happiness. Affection and satisfaction are back to your life and smile is restored on your face. If you are single, get ready to mingle with interesting people and, possibly, attract the love of your life. If you are married, this is a chance to re-light the fire in your relationships. 

In a few words, 2019 is the beginning of a very powerful era. Expect changes and challenges, yet please keep an eye on amazing opportunities. 

Virgo Predictions for 2019:

Entering a new & better Era 

There are three major planetary aspects which seem to deeply affect you. For starters, Uranus’s new position will bestow faith in your destiny again. You feel – till now – that you were trapped in a self-made prison. Maybe the time between spring till autumn of 2018 you felt that there is hope. And yes, there certainly is! Uranus, will blow the Winds of Change and Liberty. You will soon feel that you are free from all the troubles and mess of your previous life. However, this sudden change can, sometimes, take important things to oblivion, so make sure you get the best out of it. Well… you have 7 years to do so! 

Moreover, the new position of Jupiter will help you improve your life in your family and home, making it more sparkling and cosy, at the same time. Fun and happiness come back to your home life, along with good and satisfying sex. Finally, Saturn’s position in Capricorn may make things a bit serious, but it’s definitely a good position. 

In a few words, 2019 will help you get out of a pretty miserable yet productive 7-year-long period. Now, you are sure that good things are coming towards you. Have a little more patience and, soon, all will manifest. 

Libra Predictions for 2019:

Better and profitable relations are coming! 

There are so many things going on in your life. But, to get through with the 2019 predictions, we have to make three stops. Stop number one. Since December 2017, you are going through a very challenging and demanding (energy-wise) phase in your life. Unfortunately, this effect is still active for all 2019. It feels that the main cause of this troubling situation is your home and your family. You cannot easily find peace and satisfaction there. Moreover, your energy levels are continuously in very low levels. 

Stop number 2. Jupiter is now by your side. Although last year clearly helped you a lot putting your financial status in a creative direction, now, the King of Gods will help you attract new interesting people and be more inspired and creative. Anything that has to do with transportation and communication is favoured and can be profitable. Stop number 3. The new position of Uranus, from the spring of 2019, will help you breathe after 7 years of intense changes with your co-operations and your most important relations.

In a few words, yes, 2019 is clearly so much better in so many ways than 2018 and the last 7 years has been. However, you still need to be careful, especially with your home and family. 

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