As Your Vibration Raises, Forces Will Come To Work Against You

 August 06, 2018

As Your Vibration Raises, Forces Will Come To Work Against You

As your vibration raises, forces will come to work against you, they are afraid of your power, your spiritual awakening scares the sleepers.

20 comments on “As Your Vibration Raises, Forces Will Come To Work Against You

  1. this beings your talking about are not just beings that you can see, most of it dont. there are beings / entity that you cant see, but is always delivering you thoughts, thoughts that are not yours. when you are highly conscious and aware, they know that churches, groups, news, fashion all these things dont matter to you anymore so they will attack you from things / people you care about. thats why be careful who you let into your life coz they can be used as a vessel to bring out the worst or best in you. this beings wants to take over your spirit, by pushing an idea or thoughts in your head ( gas ) you focus on it add feelings to it ( liquid, fluid ) it runs in your system now, you think about it more and more and it will start to materialize ( solid ) so be careful what you thinking about, the thoughts in your head is not you, dont let tourself be a vessel for entities that wants to feed and take its form. they can confuse you, add more thoughts, or fear, hate, anticipation you focus on it, add feelings and emotions now you have anxiety, ( you cant choose what to focus on, what to materialize you stagnant for a long time makes you depressed ) what ever situation youre in look at it in broader perspective in logical scientific way, and sometimes in spiritual ways as well. take care of yourself, take care of your spirit, everything is meant to flow, light. smile

    • always choose a better way to respond, everytime you choose anger you let this entity inside you take your consiousness from you making you say / do things you cant control, they feed and take form in you, the result of what they did is their creation, chaos, fighting, confusion after they left your consciousness you felt depleted, sad, confuse.. so be mindful choose to understand, to respond well anything that can be said, can be said clearly. everytime you respond well you elevate yourself burning that cycle, you rewire your brain as well, choose love, understanding and beings of light will always guide you, take control of your mind.! take a hold of yourself.!

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