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Through the magic void of possibilities we mold our world. We are the creators. By emanating the frequency of what we want, we create a whirl of energy that will manifest and emerge. Therefore as we are constantly doing this whether we want or not It´s important to be clear of what state of frequency we radiate. Our thoughts are frequencies in vision and our emotions are frequencies in body sensations. What we focus on and merge with (allowing your being to co-vibrate with) we become, we create.

As within so without.

We are the point of experience between the inner universe and the outer universe. But we take in the results of yesterdays creation and we give out tomorrows. If you see hate and focus on hating hate – you will create more hate.. Because what you don´t want is also a focus, giving attention is to give power and energy. Fear is one of the strongest creative energies there is because we fear, fear. The old magicians always knew how to ride the wave of fear to create what they wanted. But If you see beauty and love and focus on merging your being with this – you will create more beauty and love. Sounds easy.. The problem is that we create from what we hold, by referencing what we know as truth. There is no truth but what we make true. Things feels true because we feel them and have previous proof. Therefore we want to clear old belief systems, patterns, memories and feelings connected to those so we become free to create what we want rather than creating a continuum from our past. We need to let go, shed skin, to be in the now and start all over each second.

The moment we expect and attach with things from the outside, we loose our power. The trick is to experience without holding on, to flow and enjoy our creation but at the same time know that we are only playing with yesterdays result of our creation. This is the magic of life and an answer to why we are here in the first place.. To create and experience our creations, to co-create and share our experiences, to learn from our creations and to unfold, expand and grow. When humanity comes to awareness about this and start to live the wisdom, that’s when the whole world as we know it will change. It all starts with you. Our enemies are righteousness and ego, fear of change and holding on to the old. We all need to unveil, to die an ego death unto ourselves, to meet our shadows and let go.. Surrender into the flow of now and focus on how we want the world to be.. Be it see it feel it.

Maria Wålstedt

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