As long as I have Myself

As long as I have Myself

as long as I have myself….
(Say it in your words)

28 thoughts on “As long as I have Myself”

  1. Blessed. Finally, I enjoy my own company and love me more than believing others validate, confirm my worthiness. There is no more content feeling when you can admit sometimes you wake up or do something which declares I feel for the moment definitely I am all of that and a LaRge bag of Lays! rotfl

    1. Anna Leah Moon, happiness as an ache…. Deep and a thought to day I will remember you shared. Enjoy your Sunday and week ahead. Thought it was actually Monday for some reason. Excited beyond routine, it is in fact Sunday. Imagine that! Enjoy your's lady lady. Be Great!

    2. Aissatou Sunjata
      I enjoy reading your much, since the first time we shared something re mental health issues. I'm still on border-line but one foot is strongly out of the imaginary prison. The power of positivity and the miracle of pills and therapy. I am no longer ashamed to discuss what i feel, pleasant or not and interaction with different kinds of opinion is a grace in disguise, at least for me.. It's Sunday here..I'm feeling blessed. You too, i wish you all the best.<3

    3. Anna Leah Moon I am happy to hear about your strides. You should see the smile on my face right now as I type this to you. All you need is one foot emotionally, mentally moving forward, each day. Each day take it and you will see how different your disposition can be for you. I take anti-depressants, I have a counselor, I journal write, I have a comfort parakeet whose name is Shaka. (taking care of something more vulnerable than yourself is also can help you to focus on something other than your own thoughts). I am so happy you are beginning to know your Truth and living your Truth. Far ahead of many, so you should be so proud and encouraged. Feeling blessed! Yes, I can feel it in your response. Keep moving forward Anna Leah Moon. I am others met as you know are cheering for you and walking along side too. Be Well

    4. Aissatou Sunjata
      Thanks..I'm emotional here. I bake to release some stress, ( the countertop is not ccomplaining!) I am set to go..leaving all the baggage behind. I'll see you down the river's bend. We'll go swimming in our birthday clothes, to affirm that we are beautiful..hahaha

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