As I Find My Way

As I Find My Way

There are so many reasons why I went away. I simply could not manage the day today. Locked away inside my tainted haven.

Coping with what was beyond comprehension. I have to protect myself as I struggle to survive in this world.

Energies hitting me from all sides. Draining my spirit while my soul swims in white light. My mind works overtime just like the machines of this time. Filtering all the vibes takes more time while my body declines.

It is all connected….the heart, body, soul, and mind. I go at my pace now after falling so far behind. Living in the moment as if it’s my last time. Loving has saved me and losing has taught me.

I do not see what many others believe to be. I believe in what I feel, think, and see. The beauty all around me and the good in all you see.

That is the best life for me, full of music and the sea. Mountains and plains as far as the eye can see.

I am finding my home and getting lost on the way. Endless journeys through space and time, leaving miracles in its wake.

– By Jennifer Steen


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