As I began to Love Myself – Charlie Chaplin


Notice the world around you and how you relate to it. How have your misconceptions, attitude, self-esteem, and limiting beliefs all gotten in the way of you living a full and happy life?

Have you come to believe that somehow you are not deserving of self-love, and that you do not merit all that comes with being gentle, kind, understanding, and most importantly, forgiving of yourself?

Charlie Chaplin’s words brilliantly describe ones journey of self exploration and acceptance. With awareness of self and an open heart to accepting what is, Charlie describes the steps required to truly experience life in all its glory.

Be your authentic beautiful self each and every day. Respect all those wonderful parts of you that are unique and truly special.

Celebrate each day no matter the challenges and tests you are called to face. Evolution of self results when learn to accept that what happens to us in life is all part of a larger plan the universe has mapped out for us.

There is no experience we aren’t capable of overcoming when we believe in our abilities and purpose in this world. Allow the wisdom of your heart to shine through.

Let it guide you to the life you know you deserve. Love yourself and keep moving forward.


Here’s  a beautiful video on the above poem by Charlie Chaplin 🙂


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As I began to Love Myself - Charlie Chaplin