As above, so below, the more you water, the more you grow

As above, so below, the more you water, the more you grow
Jaimie Mazzone 

As above, 
so below, 
the more you water, 
the more you grow.

Catherine Lampkin

The veins of life, 
are deeply rooted,
 when the soul is nurtured.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Keep feeding your thoughts
till the base gets strong
Thoughts become ideas
and takes root of its own.
If the foundation is strong, 

you will grow.
If it is not, it would show.

Rinku Shah 


Trees with deep roots
Fear no harsh winds
Ships with heavy anchors
Worry not rough waters
My spirit is grounded in earth
Strong calm and centered
Can’t be broken
Bent and maybe a little shaken
To a deeper purpose
I’m safe and worthy
Always supported

Nonis Jhamb 

 The efforts done
can never ever be wasted,
Sometimes the outcome is visible
and sometimes not,
As it is flourished beneath
the surface to lift you upward
with the deep and well built foundation. 

Nayana Kulkarni 

Well begun is half done,
Well fed, half embedded
Spreading strong roots
Equally powerful off shoots
Well thought
Well grown
Or else overblown.

Tanu Malhotra 

Strengthen core roots
with persistence,
and the surface shall naturally
be nourished to bloom. 

Erna Duspara 

As I stand here above your grave,
I’m deeply grateful
for all that you gave.
You taught how to live
and nurture my roots,
Before I found you,
I didn’t give two hoots.
You showed me how to branch out,
and find my family tree,
So I say thank you for believing,
and helping me find me.

Nuhrez Khan 

Keep on nurturing your inner self.
The more stronger the foundation
the more stronger you. 

Sulekha Pande

Nurture your inner self,
water your soul,
let yourself flower from within,
that must be your goal.

Sulekha Pande

Strengthen your roots,
to get better fruits.

NaNuk Harmoni

Nourishment starts at the root.

Faith Dunsmuir

True growth comes
from within.

Kellie Schoessler-Abrams 

Nurturing my soul.

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