15 Art Therapy Exercises to Control Your Mind and Channel Your Emotions

4. Angry

Draw lines:

Draw lines


5. Focus

Draw grids and a target:

Draw grids and a target


6. Need to make the right choice

Draw waves and circles:

Draw waves


7. Bored

Paint with different colors:

Paint with different colors


8. Enraged

Tear a piece of paper:

Tear a piece of paper


9. Nostalgic

Draw a maze:

Draw maze


10. Difficulty understanding wishes

Make a collage:

Make collage


11. Confused

Draw a mandala:

Draw mandala


12. Stuck

Draw spirals:

Draw spirals


13. Difficulty understanding feelings

Draw yourself:

Draw yourself


14. Desperation

Draw roads:

Draw roads


15. Need to arrange thoughts

Draw cells or squares:

Draw cells


There are so many benefits of art therapy that it’s worth taking the time to dabble and experiment. The point isn’t to create a beautiful piece of art, the point of art therapy is to express your inner feelings, thoughts, and unconscious struggles.

Originally appeared in LONERWOLF

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15 Art Therapy Exercises to Control Your Mind and Channel Your Emotions

15 Art Therapy Exercises to Control Your Mind and Channel Your Emotions

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