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Art of your soul

Art of your soul

Notes to a musician,

Colours to an artist,

Flavors to a chef,

Optics to a photographer,

Words scribbled by a poet,

manifestation of their art form,

Embodiment of energy passed on in so many forms,

Flow of limbs tell love stories through dance.

Cinema brought to life by lighting and sound, intended set a mood without using a word.

Fall deep in to books of all kinds

Falling in love, wishing we lived in the fictional world built with beautiful words and vivid imaginations.

Web design is art ascetically pleasing and easily navigated, beautiful and elegant and made with love.

Art can be therapeutic and can save lives.

Art never seen is powerful and may be exposed when the time is right.

Sometimes a simple quote may change the world.

Power lies in the relating of the art

Find the depth  our raw senses,

Explore your passions.

Love will always shine through in whatever you do.

Create! Create! Create! Create for no one but yourself.

Hope it changes the world

Share with everyone selflessly

Escape into your vulnerabilities; the imperfect and raw, is inspirational.

The heart makes it valuable and important.

Others may connect deep in their soul.