The Art Of Self-Love

The Art Of Self Love
The art of self-love
The art of self-love

We would much rather be with our girls getting a boost of love and friendship! We need how to do this for ourselves! We need to stop being the person that tears ourselves down.

Again, this is not easy but it is worth it. You start to feel lighter, both less heavy and less dark.

It is like the decluttering of your soul. Have you ever had a good day of decluttering and cleaning and just noticed how much brighter the room seemed? That is what loving yourself feels like. You get a new look on life.


What is Self-Love

I have come to accept that being authentic and being the best version of myself is going to take a lot of work every day. Every day.

For some reason, we cannot just say, “Alright, I’ve got this self-love thing figured out from here on out everything I do is good because today I was good.” That is like kids acting really cute about a week before Christmas in hopes it erases everything else that they did that year.

Self-love is a daily practice. What I mean by self-love is knowing that it is okay to show up as your truest and most beautiful self. You know that it is okay to be scared to show up because it is new and different. It is being patient with yourself for falling back into old patterns but then learning a new way to interrupt that pattern.

It is also being human and not wanting to do it (or anything), not feeling worthy of self-love or any love, or simply just wanting to sit on the couch and zone out instead. Those days happen, just be conscious when you do feel that way. It is okay. Just do your best.


Daily Reminders of Self-Love

Some of the things that I have been using to help me stay on track are; being grateful, staying conscious and realizing when my thoughts start to worry about the past and remember that all I can do is what is best at this moment.


1. Be Grateful

I name at least 3 things that I am grateful for every day. I have also started to look for ‘gifts’ throughout the day and acknowledge the little things by saying, “gift received.”  Maybe I got a good parking spot or a free slice of pizza. Maybe I got a promotion or a cute homeless kitten shows up on my doorstep.

Just give a little thanks for how things lined up for you. The more we focus on what we have the more we forget about what we don’t have.

Want to know more about how being grateful can help you love yourself? Read 5 Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life


2. Stay Present

I remember to stay conscious (present in the moment) by wiggling my toes. It reminds me to reel in my thoughts from where ever they have wandered off.  It is small and silly but if you focus and put all thoughts on some part of your body and move it you start to come back to the now.

This is good to do just every once in a while because even if we aren’t fully aware of it our brains are always thinking about something and sometimes it makes up things to worry about that haven’t even happened yet.


3. What is best in this moment?

This is a new trick that I have learned. When you are struggling with a decision and you don’t know what to do, your brain is going to start pulling old information about what happened in the past, and usually, that is scary unpleasant stuff that makes us not want to make the decision.

Instead of wadding through old, invalid data from the past ask yourself, “What is best at this moment, for me, for this situation, from a place of love?” How can I show up as my truest self at this moment?

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