Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life

Art Imitates Life

” A description about leading a happy, fulfilled and contented life simply by being our
true selves”

Life is one great montage,
a stage
to write the most beautiful script
and play the sweetest music.

We all have a special set of gifts
and a personal uniqueness
that needs to blossom in the sunlight of today.

Let the freedom and tranquillity
of your subconscious
illuminate your world,
like rays of sun breaking through the clouds allow the delicate L I G H T
to fall gently upon you
and guide you forward

Allow the sky to fully open
until you are totally fulfilled
by the power that resonates from within.

Connect with your talents and strengths,
summon your inner goddess
and express your B E A U T Y
freely, openly
and unapologetically

Here you will find inner peace—
a safe haven,
where self-acceptance lives
and the answers to all the questions reside.

Sometimes it’s only solitude and silence
that offers us the chance to see
the best version of ourselves
and hear the voice of our inner child.

As you enter the river of your life
let your choices and actions act like ripples in the water.

Their origins are minute,
but they slowly expand
and as they grow—
they reach far and wide.

Ripples become W A V E S
in the ocean of transformation
which cleanse the mind, body and soul.

We must realize that we are already free
and have everything we need
to feel complete,
to paint the perfect picture
and write the accompanying composition.

Align with your true self,
with what makes you come to A L I V E
and have the courage to let this be your reality.

Life is an opportunity to play,
to dance to the music
and express all your beautiful colours.

So create your pictures
make them big, B O L D and true,
play all the notes like no one is watching
and get lost in the montage of your life.

By Kayley Easterbrook

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