Are You On The Right Path?

No matter what kind of life you have, you behave according to principles you developed over time, or were taught in childhood. But you should keep asking yourself one question: Is the way I am pursuing my life going to bring me happiness? How can I know? And, more importantly, how can I change the course of my life, if necessary? Below you’ll find some key points for doing just that.

Pursuing an interest in your personal development means developing a stronger mind, more willpower, more self-confidence, and original ideas for earning more money, improving your life, and making all your dreams a reality.

When you look at methods of personal development, you see that the possibilities they offer are usually linked to a higher force which assumes different names, depending on the tradition or culture it comes from: God, Allah, Yahweh, Nirvana, the Clear Light, the great Architect of the Universe, Astral Powers, Cosmic forces, and so on.


Can A Spiritual Path Bring You Happiness?

All these methods, which are highly respected around the world, offer ways for you to connect, either directly or not, with what I call the Higher Power.

You can contact this Higher Power through prayer, meditation, trance, invocation, clairvoyance, or magic rituals.

Each person must find his or her own path. And yet, it often happens that people’s lives don’t improve, and they don’t find happiness, even though they’ve followed a spiritual tradition.

It takes time to change your state-of-mind, and get rid of the mental and spiritual blocks preventing you from being wealthy, experiencing true love, and seeing your wishes become reality.

People sometimes waste month, years, or even a whole lifetime following a path that doesn’t really suit them.

The important thing isn’t to know whether a path is right for you, but whether you are right for the path. In other  words, are you going to attain happiness if you continue to follow it?

Instead of asking that question, people often feel guilty and blame themselves when things go wrong. It’s not the path that’s at fault, it’s their own shortcomings.

When someone embarks on a spiritual path, it’s because the path attracts them by offering what they’re looking for, in terms of answers to questions about the meaning of life, and the kind of training it offers. In the beginning, all paths seem perfect.

That’s because we tend to idealize our spiritual calling, and forget that nothing in life is perfect, that any given ‘method’ has its faults, and may not correspond to our needs at some point in time.

Some people struggle their whole lives, with all their strength, but never take the time to find out if the path they’re on is really the right one for them.


Let Doubt Be Your Guide

Extremists of all traditions are blinded by conviction when they have doubts about their faith. If something isn’t right, they blame themselves, not the tradition. They never wonder if maybe the path they’re on isn’t right for them.

But you’re not an extremist, so you can ask the question: ‘Is this path – this religion or magic tradition or belief I’m involved in – right for me or not?

If you’ve done everything you can to assimilate the principles of your faith, and practiced its rituals properly, but realize that it hasn’t brought you the happiness you’re seeking, or even helped you get closer to achieving it, then it’s time for a change.

Keep an open mind, and explore other traditions and methods of personal development. You may find something that interests you in your research that turns out to be the right path for you, at least for awhile. Your ultimate goal should be to create your own path, one that leads you to happiness, freedom, and serenity.



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