18 Signs You Are An Emotionally Intelligent Person

Signs Emotionally Intelligent Person

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8. Hate Negative Self-Talk 

Negative self-talk gives rise to limited thinking, perfectionism, feeling of depression, and relationship challenges. Emotionally intelligent people have a strong understanding of their internal and external emotions and hold high self-control. So they don’t lose power by ruminating on negative thoughts. They know how to separate their thoughts from the facts and stay positive.

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9. Give and Expect Nothing

By giving without expecting anything in return you can leave a powerful impression on people. Emotionally intelligent people are good at this skill  and they do so very spontaneously. Their motto is to build a strong and lasting relationship so they genuinely think about others’ well being. They not only have a strong desire to succeed but also help others become successful.

10. Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine triggers insomnia, digestive issues, high blood pressure, muscle breakdown, fatigue, and many other side effects. High EQ individuals are aware of dangers associated with excess caffeine intake so they don’t let it get better of them. 400 milligrams of caffeine a day ( about four or five cups of coffee) is an amount not associated with negative effects as per the FDA. Limit your caffeine intake so that it doesn’t put your brain and body into a hyper-aroused state.

11. Disconnect

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Cheif Operating Officer,never forgets to turn off her phone before bed. So that she is not woken up or disturbed. Doing what gives your mind a break is the sign of a high EQ. It helps you unwind yourself but also lowers stress.  Even when technology demands you to be online 24/7, you must force yourself offline. Breaking the pattern is good to change the train of thought and think out of the box. Disconnecting from technology helps you better focus on other things in your life, stay focused, and sleep better.

12. Avoid Grudges

I Don't Hold Grudges

Emotionally intelligent people don’t hold grudges. Holding a grudge is like drinking rat poison and expecting the rat to die. Piling up negative emotions leads to stress, anxiety, and depression.  Letting go of grudges improves mental and physical health. Forgiving people also strengthens your social bonds  thereby you can better focus on your goals and dreams.

13. Perfection is not the target

Emotionally intelligent people don’t prioritize perfection. The world is not perfect and no human being on Earth is perfect. So, trying to be 100% perfect only leads to procrastination and false perceptions. So, those who chase perfection are always left with a sense of failure and unhappiness. High EQ people focus more on goals than perfection, which boosts their personal growth. They keep moving forward-thinking about what they have achieved and what are things yet to be accomplished in the future.

14. Stay Away From Toxic People

Toxic people can drain your energy so high EQ individuals limit their interactions with such people. They mostly surround themselves with positive, successful, and motivating people. Emotionally intelligent people have high self-awareness so they can keep their feelings in check and prevent unnecessary frustrations. They try hard to find solutions even in chaotic circumstances by considering the toxic person’s standpoint. By rationalizing thoughts and actions they can prevent toxic people from bringing them down.

15.  Appreciate What You Have

Seeking the glass half full is the mantra of emotionally intelligent people. They accept and express gratitude for what they have in life and strive harder for what they want. Being grateful makes a person optimistic and helps you turn even a routine job into joy and ordinary opportunities into blessings. According to UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, the attitude of gratitude improves the grey matter functioning and slows the aging of the brain. Low EQ people lament over losses and fail to appreciate good things in life that add to stress and blocks a positive outlook towards life.

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  1. Having a high EQ means you know your strengths and you know how to lean into them and use them to your full advantage while keeping your weaknesses from holding you back.

  2. Here is an example of extremely low EI ,people should stay away from such vermin: They”ve got only ego, and everyone must be their servant, and if you make a mistake or just not praise them enough, they turn ugly and will destroy you, your life, your dreams, and will brainwash you. The key is to connect with people with a normal range of emotions, and avoid the disordered kind!!!

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