How To Stop Snacking All Day

How To Stop Snacking All Day

The point of all, that is to say, it’s all really normal, and gaining a few pounds in the middle of a global pandemic isn’t scary so can we please stop joking about it because the last thing our world needs right now is more fear.

And if the worst thing you come out of this chaos with is a stomach that’s a little bloated and a scale that’s gone up a few pounds, consider yourself blessed beyond measure.

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with some actionable if this is you and it’s causing you distress.

Most advice for mindless, emotional, and autopilot eating is unhelpful because it’s basically just lists of activities you can do instead of eating. My therapist used to tell me to take a bubble bath when I felt like overeating & I’d kinda want to punch him a little.

For the most part, that’s completely useless advice because it does nothing about the wiring in your brain that keeps causing it. And what happens AFTER you do everything on those lists of activities and you still want to eat your way through the entire kitchen?

Trying to busy yourself with distractions when you feel like eating non-stop is often useless because there’s a reason you feel like eating. Something is driving that action – you need something. Trying to busy yourself so you don’t think about it doesn’t do anything to help give you what you actually need – particularly since there are triggers everywhere, all day long. It’s impractical to suggest busying yourself through every trigger for the rest of your life.

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A more constructive, permanent solution is two fold:

  1. Recognize when and why you’re being triggered
  2. Rewire the part of your brain that has learned the solution is food.

Most of this comes from just learning to be with, and better manage, emotions since emotions are often huge triggers. If boredom is a trigger, you have two choices: Stay busy forever or learn that you can survive just being still with yourself.

As someone who used to eat out of boredom (and for just about any other reason, lol) I chose the latter (thank goodness) and it’s been a lifesaver for me through all this. Boredom doesn’t even exist in my world anymore which is making this easy for me to get through it all without eating non-stop.

But I’ve put in a lot of work to get here and the middle of a crisis as unprecedented as we’ve been facing lately is probably not the easiest time to start trying to learn how BUT you can start doing a few things if you’d like to start trying.

Here are some steps you start trying to implement today if you want to start trying to better understand your non-stop eating:

1. Stop trying to “be good with food” and just eat whatever you want. This helps remove the added fear and guilt that food rules create.

2. Pause for a second before eating to ask am I physically hungry? Do a quick body scan to notice what you’re feeling. This helps you start reconnecting with your body.

3. If no, then notice – what just happened? What was I just thinking about? What am I feeling emotional? What do I actually need right now? And two big ones: how will I feel if I eat that and do I want to feel that way?

This helps create a space of awareness between trigger and behavior and that space is where your power lies – that’s where automatic programming can start getting rewired because it shuts off the automatic programming long enough for you to make a conscious choice. That’s the first step. For a while, you’ll still choose to eat. That’s normal in the beginning. It’s a process that happens in steps – the first step is just pausing the autopilot for a second to notice.

It took me yearssss to learn how to do this myself and because I want to help make it faster and easier for you to learn how, I’ve broken the entire process down into an easy to follow, step by step SANER way to approach mindless and emotional eating with my Cognitive Eating system.

Written by: Roni Davis
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How To Stop Snacking All Day
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How To Stop Snacking All Day
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