Are You Afraid Of Silence Too?

How scared of silence people are these days!

There is no place for silence in the contemporary world. Everyone is busy filling themselves up with some or the other kinds of a mesh of sounds. Floating in the sea of all kinds of sounds, harmony, and discordant rhymes; symphony and cacophony; meaningful and meaningless; the modern man hardly floats above this sea of sounds.

The sounds of tring-tring, beep-beep; checking Facebook and WhatsApp messages first thing in the morning and the online fervor continues until the end of the day. You-tube, Instagram, Blogs, Skype, Viber, Hike, Twitter, IMO, snapchat; everyone has his own preferences, every mind buzzes to his own tune.

The earphones plugged in, some or the other kind of beats traveling back and forth in the head; android, radio, Mp3, i-phone, i-pod, i-pad; indulgences vary but sounds remain.

Movies, web-series, comedy shows, music, daily soaps, hullaballoo going on in the new hour debate, religious fever, chants, prayers, astrological fetish, food, and luxury; everything is served on the HD screens with one click; while modern man keeps filling himself up with whatever suits him.

Craving to hear the voice of a loved one, of a special someone; finding comfort in the familiar voices of a better half, a friend, relatives or family; heading to the parties, pubs, restaurants, night-out, offices, homes submerged in all kinds of voices, familiar and unfamiliar;  hopping on to the buses, trains, cars; the modern man keeps sailing through sea of sounds.

And when all devices are shut-off and no-one is around;

The modern man gets busy in having conversations with himself. The never-ending train of thoughts continues beeping in his head. Running through a to-do list, a problem to be solved, day-dreaming, reveries; the beeping sounds of love, hate, dreams, ego, conspiracies, fantasies, self-obsession, self-adoration, introspection, pity, fear, thrill; the modern man is thus busy redesigning the conversations in his own head which did not go quite like the way he would have liked them to.

The modern man is flipping through the menu of sounds at all times; selecting one type in a moment and another in the other moment.

And the moment, when he stops flipping through his ever-indulgent menu, all of a sudden he is overwhelmed by the silence. He feels lost and most restless. This all-encompassing silence confuses him and he is pulled back into the sea of sounds.


What are we filling ourselves with? Why are we so afraid of an all-encompassing silence?

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