Are you a Procrastinator: Here are some tips to Heal Yourself

Are you a Procrastinator: Here are some tips to Heal Yourself

Keep distractions at bay

Things you turn to while you generally procrastinate need to be kept away. Make sure you have limited or no access to distractions like social media, video games, mobile phones when working. Focus only on the task at hand. You needn’t spend long hours working. Permit breaks once you accomplish a considerate part of your work.

Hang out with friends who are active

People have a big influence in your life. Spend your time with people who inspire you to be a go-getter. You will inculcate their virtues even before you realize it. Learn how they stay upbeat all the time. Be inspired and inculcate virtues from others.

Have a buddy

Make working fun. Have a companion with his own set of goals. Keep track of each other’s progress. Reward/penalize each other based on achievements. This way work doesn’t feel like work anymore. It becomes fun. When work doesn’t feel like a burden, you’re motivated to accomplish it.

Look up to someone who has accomplished the task already

Look out for people who have already accomplished what you intend to. Connect with them and understand how they did it. Let’s say you both are writing some essay. Looking at an example may rectify you from making mistakes students make in their essays. Live examples always act as great motivators. Once you have a clear picture of what needs to be done and how all that would remain is implementation.

Visualize the future

Imagine the satisfaction you will get once you’ve completed your task successfully. Think about celebrating your success with your favorite people. This will give you a boost to accomplish the task. Imagine yourself and others being proud of you, patting your back. You will get the motivation you need.

Reward Progress

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Give yourself a reward each time you meet a set goal. Buy yourself a new dress or give yourself a couple of hours off. This way, you will stay motivated to complete the task until the very end.

Start TODAY!

Make a list of all your pending chores and start dealing with them, one chore at a time. It doesn’t matter if you’re not able to finish them all today. You will still feel great about yourself for having tried, by the end of the day.

Your Takeaway!

While procrastination is the easiest way to stay away from work, you must keep in mind that it will only lead to more work piling up. The only way is to curb stress in the future is to start working right away.

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