Are Online Psychic Reading Reliable?

Are Online Psychic Reading Reliable

Remote psychic readings have a longer history than some might think. Letters from 2,000 years ago show educated Romans swapping omens and predictions for the future by post. But with the advent of the internet, remote psychic readings have become increasingly common.


But how reliable are these remote readings?

The answer really depends on the psychic. Some psychics needs physical touch, either of a person or an object related to the reading, in order to make the relevant psychic connection, and these psychics are unlikely to offer their services online or by phone. However, the vast majority of psychics report having no problem making the relevant connection remotely. They need to connect with the person spiritually, not physically, to make their reading.


Many users of psychic services also say that they are more convinced by the accuracy of remote readings. This is because when they meet with a psychic face to face the psychic can read the body language and other things from the physical presence of the client that provides information to do what is called a ‘cold reading’. While this can be beneficial in some ways, allowing the psychic to connect with their client more rapidly, this is also the technique used by scammers. In contrast, accurate intuitions made by psychics remotely are more likely to be a sign or true psychic ability.


Below is a list of some of the other benefits of a remote psychic reading.

Discussing difficult subjects

Many clients say that they prefer remote psychic readings as it provides them with a level of distance and anonymity to discuss difficult subjects. These challenging topics are often the reasons that the client has approached the psychic in the first place, and if they cannot discuss them openly and candidly the effectiveness of the reading is severely diminished. For those a bit embarrassed about sharing with friends or family that they are using the services of a psychic, the online interaction also helps them keep their activities private.

Better readings

Many psychics also say that they prefer remote readings as this distance and anonymity also allows and encourages the client to open up more fully about their challenges and reasons for approaching the psychic. Psychics say that when the client is more open it is easier for the psychic to tune into their energy, making the reading clearer and stronger.


The urge to seek a psychic reading often relates to a feeling or immediacy in a specific moment, perhaps because some entity or force in the spiritual world is trying to make a connection at that time. Making an appointment with a face to face psychic takes time and whatever feeling, urge or intuition that led the person to desire the reading may have passed by the time of their appointment. Connecting with a psychic remotely allows for the interaction to happen at the time when it is most appropriate or needed.


It is an unfortunate truth that there are scammers out there posing as genuine psychics, and for the uninitiated these can be difficult to spot. One of the benefits of an online psychic reading is that reputable sites enable clients to offer reviews. In this way false psychics, looking to make money out of people when they are at a vulnerable time in their lives, can more easily be identified and weeded out. Other clients can also share information about the psychic’s method or approach, giving you more information about whether their particular psychic affinity is a suitable fit for your needs.

Tips for picking an online psychic

Whenever you are picking a psychic, face to face or remote, the key is to go with your gut. We all have a level of psychic ability that manifests in most of us as our intuition, and when choosing a psychic to connect with trusting your psychic intuition is key.

Other things to bear in mind when making your choice:

Seek references

Whether online or face to face, get feedback from others who have used the service to avoid cons.

Match the psychic to your needs

Psychics offer different types of services depending on their affinity. Mediums communicate with those who have passed over. Remote viewers explore memories or past lives. Astrologers interpret your chart to give you general life guidance. Tarot readers ark skilled at addressing specific questions. Think about the challenge that you are facing and choose a psychic whose affinities match your needs.

Watch out for red flags

There are several things a ‘psychic’ might say that should be considered a red flag. If they ever claim to be 100% sure or accurate about something, be wary. Connecting with the spiritual realm is complex and interpreting what is found there far from straight forward, so 100% clarity is not possible. If they suggest that you are suffering from a curse or some kind of negative spiritual attack be wary. While these kinds of things certainly happen, if a psychic immediately suggests that this is the case without exploring other options, and suggests that they can remove the curse for a charge, it is probably a scam.

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1 thought on “Are Online Psychic Reading Reliable?”

  1. Honestly, I would take the time to see what a Psychic is. A few questions I would ask them to see if they’re legit.

    1 – I would ask them if they knew what the hermetic principles are? The hermetic principles are the universal truths of our reality. A true psychic is more of a mystic who will help unveil conscious psychic energy within you. Most sites are scams with just scammers in mind. Finding a psychic is like finding a therapist. That’s the mind set you need.

    2 – Ask them if they use the tarot cards. The tarot cards are like messages from our dreams. That’s where the true origins of tarot came from. These archetypes or images symbolize our thought patterns, emotional process, and spiritual journey. They are guides to our future of self-transformation.

    Some of these websites offer free chat but not a free reading. Here’s a guide that has more screening psychics in free chat before really going forth with a reading Judiasm Torah Comes From The Tarot. Think of them as questions to see if they’re legit. But getting a free reading is going to be pretty difficult without paying for one. That’s why the free chat is a great way to know you’re getting someone who is the real deal.

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